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That first gif that material is very see throughish….

I don’t need a reason to reblog this *cough cough first gif* but…

Always reblog The Shadow ‘Conda.

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Anthony Mackie & Sebastian Stan Ice Bucket Challenge

I walk to my car. Every slap of my foot against the hot asphalt brings me closer to my car. I lock myself inside and roll the windows up tight. I scream until there is no oxygen left, clawing at the flesh of my inner thighs. The sun bakes my skin through the glass. I slam my fists into my car horn over and over. The car rocks with the force of my wailing. Passersby wonder if I am dying and whether or not it is too late to help me. Not only have Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie done a joint ice bucket challenge, no, they could never leave it be that simple. First they take the time to be dinguses and talk in a “threatening” way to Chris “Meatball Suit” Evans for challenging them. THEN THEY SAY THEY’RE GOING TO CHANGE IMTO THEIR COSTUMES. MY HEART CAN’T TAKE IT IF THEY DO THIS. BUT NO, IT’S WORSE. PLUSH DOLL VERSIONS OF THEMSELVES. CUPS OF WATER. GIGGLING. IN LOVE. I SAW EVERYTHING. AM I ALIVE? WILL I EVER BE OKAY AGAIN? YES AND NO. NO AND YES. I’M SUFFERING.

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"It’s nice to be called a heart-throb – I’m not complaining – but I don’t see myself as being good-looking. There’s something intrinsically fetishistic about the big screen, with all those huge close-ups. It’s strange looking at anyone that size.” (x)

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Old Spice ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

everyone go home this is the best one.

Also apparently they’ve reached over $50 MILLION IN DONATIONS this is freaking amazing ;___;

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When Will finds a new dog…



ryan gosling wont eat his cereal


"shemar throwing me in slow motion" (x)

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Ice Bucket Challenge Fail Compilation

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